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Despite his French/British origins, Seb found his true home in Spain 5 years ago, specifically in Barcelona, where he is currently developing his career as a singer/songwriter and guitarist. His music is influenced by Pop and Soul with elements of Folk as well Funk and even Reggae.

Through teaming up with Acqustic and Movistar+, Seb Heart's "Single-Use" and "Up in the Trees" can be heard in the soundtrack of "La Fortuna", a new series by award winning director Alejandro Amenábar released in September.

Seb has played in various festivals around Europe such as Surfana, White Summer, the Barcelona Surf Festival and Enter The Wave. Accompanied by THE CURLY HEADS, featuring Gustavo Quintanilla Zavala on percussion, and Marc Sanchez on the bass and Llorenç Colomar on keyboard, Seb's music will be heard at major festivals such as Boardmasters in the UK.

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